I was extremely happy with the treatment my 8 year old Great Dane, Monty, received from Equine and Canine Solutions. Monty was treated by Jackie who was patient and thorough, thank you Jackie! Monty damaged his cruciate ligament and was subsequently told by an orthopedic surgeon that he would need an invasive operation otherwise it would be unkind to keep him. I was not happy with this due to his age, its chances of success without other serious complications and the acute restrictive after care which I felt would be unkind. At this stage I was led to believe that the only other option was to have him put to sleep! Another vet suggested physiotherapy and after treatment from Equine and Canine Solutions Monty is now a fully functioning happy dog. You would never know he had such a chronic injury and he leads a normal life. Many thanks to all at Equine and Canine Solutions.

Peggy Sproates and Monty