For some years now my horses have been lucky enough to benefit from regular check-ups and treatments provided by physiotherapist Rachel Greetham of Equine and Canine Solutions. Currently I have two young dressage horses competing up to affiliated medium level under her care. Rachel has an excellent eye for a horse’s gait, conformation and muscular development enabling her to accurately assess each equine athlete. As Rachel herself competes at a high level she understands my descriptions of the ridden work my horses are giving me and any symptoms I may be experiencing. This is useful not only for the investigation and treatment of injury cases but also means she oversees their progress by regularly monitoring for correct, symmetrical muscle development. Rachel enjoys very good professional working relations with my vet and saddler and thus is an invaluable contributor to the overall management of my horses’ competitive careers. Without her support I can confidently say I would not have had the degree of success I have enjoyed. I therefore thoroughly recommend her services whether it is to know your leisure horse is healthy and comfortable or you want to get the best out of your competition horse. Van Damme, who was 4th in the Open Elementary at the British Dressage Summer Nationals this year, was treated in the run-up to his competition and I had a lovely ride on him as a result.

Katherine Cunningham