One early Sunday morning last July I discovered my mare, Dilly, with a huge chunk of flesh missing from her neck (you should have pics).  The vet came & did her best to suture and staple the wound but they popped out and the hardest bit was keeping the flies off.  The wound was inflicted when Dilly got somehow stuck in a five bar gate and demolished it. (pics supplied) I had no idea if Dilly had hurt herself in other areas and knew I needed to get the physio’s in fast to establish what if any muscular damage there was and how the healing could be speeded up. Kim assessed Dilly and suggested laser treatment therapy in addition to physiotherapy and the results have been fantastic.  Dilly had 5 sessions of laser treatment and the wound has healed beautifully without any proud flesh leaving only a small scar (pictures supplied).  Dilly remained supple and sound throughout having minimal time off work.  The vet is really pleased and has not had to perform further surgery to tidy up the scar. I would like to thank Kim and all at Equine and Canine Solutions for their care of Dilly.