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Spring Care Dog Tips

All dog and horse owners are, I’m sure, really happy that the days are lengthening and it’s feeling warmer.  We are looking forward to getting out and about with our four legged friends.  It’s lovely to go somewhere different with your pooch, most dogs will love the enrichment provided by new sights and especially smells, and of course the opportunity to really stretch their legs!

At this time of year we need to be really careful to build up the length of our dog’s walks to avoid any injury. Tired muscles are more prone to injury, so please don’t be a weekend warrior. Increase the length of your walks gradually, keep it consistent through the week if you can. Although our dogs may love the three hour hike to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful countryside with us on a Sunday, they (like us!) may well suffer the following day.  They can’t  moderate their enthusiasm, so we have to be sensible for them!

Include lead walking as well as free running in your routine, make use of any local hills, as this can make them work harder!

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If you have any concerns about your dog’s fitness your physio can help you devise a plan to increase their fitness through specific exercises alongside their walks so you can both enjoy lots of time together walking injury free.

Once you’ve built up your canine companion’s fitness, here are a few links to lovely walks around some of the countryside our Animal Physiotherapists cover you could enjoy together.