Canine Hydrotherapy

We have two great facilities for canine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy at Grappenhall and Freckleton.

At both clinics we can provide both land-based physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to suit the individual needs and requirements of your dog’s rehabilitation and recovery from injury or disease.

Our expert physios use their specialist skills and knowledge to direct hydrotherapy for your dog. It may be either just hydrotherapy or may be in addition to other physiotherapy treatments. We provide  optimal canine hydrotherapy programmes using our knowledge of biomechanics and how the properties of water affect your dog’s movement.

On the Treadmill

The water treadmill can produce great results for a wide range of problems. The water level and treadmill speed can be adjusted to produce a range of therapeutic effects and a tailored treatment program for your dog. The treadmill encourages strengthening of the muscles used for walking.

You will be there at the front of the treadmill to encourage your dog as he or she is introduced in a sympathetic and calm way. Most dogs (even those who don’t like water!) adjust well to walking on the treadmill. There is a ramp for access so your dog can walk (or be lifted) in and warm water will be circulated. Physiotherapists may use floats, limb bandages and manual support to help your dog during these sessions. The physiotherapist may also go in the tank with the dog to assist with support or limb placement.

In the Pool

Should swimming be more appropriate for your dog, our physiotherapists can meet you at a number of local pools.

For more information on our Canine Hydrotherapy services please contact us here or phone 01829 272 301, 0845 300 9032  or 07801 270053, to book an appointment or simply to discuss any concerns you may have.